Welcome to McGill Underground Community Connect (MUCC). We want to bring the McGill community together - we believe that everyone from each individual student, to the media outlets, to the undergraduate societies has something unique that should be shared with the rest of the McGill community. This goal of MUCC is to provide a medium for the dissemination of these creative elements which would effectively increase the exposure to all whom are involved. The idea is that MUCC will give exposure to your site, while every site listed will return exposure to this MUCC, in effect, creating a community of connected sites supporting each other. If you are a club or organization at McGill with a website, or if you are just a regular student with a weblog, personal website, or personal photo album we'd love to get you involved and increase your exposure. If you would like to be listed and you fit the criteria, please add this button to your website (preferably on the front page), then email cc@mcgillunderground.com.  A text link to this site is fine as well.  If you have a group but no website, we can include you too...just spread the word somehow. 

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Management Undergraduate Society

Humanistic Studies Students Society

McGill's only TV station brings you a wide selection of new videos

 McGill International Students Network

Connect with the international community

Effusion Acappella

Effusion is an independently-run student a cappella group at McGill

Find out about any and all events and parties through this MU affiliate

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We have weekly vegan/vegetarian potlucks and discuss activism in different areas. It is a non-hierarchacal group, meaning that there are no presidents or leaders, only people who facilitate their interests and start committees. Our only policy is radical inclusivity, i.e., you don`t have to be a vegetarian to join.

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